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Steps to Choosing a Proper Masturbation Cup

by Eliza HS 10 Feb 2023 0 comments

In this article, we are here to discuss the selection of diffenent styles of masturbation cup, especially for tbe beginners. If you are still hesitating about how to start the journey, you come to the right place. 

 About Masturbation

Do you have enough time to get to know yourself more intimately?

With no social plans, no hookups, no dates, suddenly we have endless empty nights and weekends in front of us, and what better way to fill those extra hours than indulging in some self-pleasure.

But masturbation is more than releasing sexual repression. It allows you to learn about your body, improves your sense of well-being, and acts as a stress reliever.

Masturbation is actually a very helpful form of self-care that can help you cope with some of the stress that lockdown has brought on. At the same time, you can also take better care of yourself.

Taking care of yourself means meeting your needs and enjoying your body without guilt or regret.

What's more important than knowing what we want and what we want? In the end, you are the love of your life, so it's only natural to date yourself from time to time.

 Masturbation Cup

Some people also called these masturbation as pocket pussy. These vulvae are usually designed so that one end resembles a vaginal opening or mouth. They are soft in every way. You can control the tightness of the pocket pussy according to your grip strength. They all have unique interiors and are often inexpensive.

Propinkup’s Wine Shape Realistic Vagina is very popular pocket pussy. It is in the shape of a wine bottle and is easy to hold. It does a great job of hiding itself when you're not using it.

Steps to Choosing a Proper Masturbation Cup


Propinkup also has some carton pocket pussies. The cartoon shape will also greatly stimulate the user's senses. They are soft, so you can feel your penis being gently cared for by them when you use them. Such as, Propinkup Ophelia

 With the development of the sex toy industry, electric masturbators are now very powerful. Some masturbation cups are self-rotating, or self-retracting. In addition to these traditional functions, some masturbation cups also have heating and sucking functions. They will make your penis get more pleasure.

 OMYSKY in Propinkup is a very popular product. The rich particles and tongue inside, licking and grooming your dick frantically, stimulating every sensitive spot on your penis.Fully automatic function, you can enjoy your solo or invite your partner to play together.

Propinkup's Kaya is a really fun masturbation cup. What makes it different from the traditional masturbation cup is that it has a new function, which can make a beautiful groan while vibrating. Bring you a dual experience in touch and hearing.




The size of the product is also very important.Smaller masturbators are easier to clean and maintain, and are therefore more suitable for those who want to enjoy masturbation for a long time. Many of these are inexpensive, so they are recommended for first-time vibrator buyers. However, they are not as pleasing as the larger sizes.

 Larger dilators are thicker and more stimulating, so you can enjoy more sex-like pleasures.I use large sizes a lot. However, they are harder to clean and more expensive than smaller sized dilators, so it's best to try a few before buying.



Cleaning your penis is very important and a must. If you don't clean your penis, you're inviting germs to have a party with your bodily fluids! It's not a good idea, and it's not the kind of party you want to be at.

 A.Warm water is generally suitable for most sex toys. Add to that a nice lather of lather and a gentle brushing, and you're good to go.

B.You can also use an antibacterial sex toy cleaner. They are very effective at killing bacteria that lurk on the surface of toys. You just have to put up with using products that are also safe for human skin.

C.Perform a random inspection after each use for breakage or cuts. This is where most bacteria congregate. If the damage is too great, be sure to clean the spots or buy another toy.


About Selection

The thrill of masturbation can never be replicated with the right hand.

When the first time I used a masturbation cup, I was also impressed by the different pleasures of masturbation and sex. That's when I realized that you don't know anything without trying to use one first.

If you still worry about it, you won't know if it feels good or if it's right for you. Once you experience a vibrator, there is a standard in your mind.

By determining your preferences based on this, you can greatly increase your chances of finding the best masturbation cup.

 Like most people said, there's a lot to know about masturbation cup. Once you have the basic knowledge (as you do now!), the only thing left is to take that knowledge and apply it to your own needs. What must-have features? What features are you willing to give up for a lower price? It all depends on your needs, budget and your preferences.

 This is exactly what the sex toy world should be like.

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