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Women Trendy Sex Toys - Rose Toys Give You Orgasms

by Eliza HS 11 Jul 2023 0 comments


When you think of a vibrator, you probably think of a vibrating stick. But in addition, you can also try more new things.

The rose toy looks like a rose. It is a new vibrating suction toy mainly used to stimulate the female clitoris. There are many sensitive nerves on the female clitoris, and the pleasure of stimulating the clitoris is the greatest.

If you regularly check TikTok, you have probably seen thousands of posts about a Dcertain rose-shaped sex toy.

On TikTok, it's hailed as one of the best sex toys you can try. Because it has unique Air Pleasure Technology, which users say can lead to super-powerful orgasms. After the rave reviews on the toy on the app under the hashtags #TheRoseToy, I knew I had to try it out and see what all the fuss was about.

The question is: does it really bring great pleasure?


Women Trendy Sex Toys - Rose Toys Give You Orgasms

This clitoral stimulation toy looks like a beautiful rose. It is small and easy to carry. You can put it in your bag.

The toy sucks your clit and feels like a man licking your sweet spot. It truly mimics the thrill of oral sex. Multiple suction functions provide options for sex from gentle to rough.

This little toy not only sucks the clitoris, but also your tits. Use a toy to tease your nipples during sex. Experience double happiness. A perfectly shaped toy is really a great gift for your girlfriend.

The sucking vibrator can stimulate your oral sex desire! Just place the hole on your clitoris and activate the vibrator with one touch to feel the amazing suction action. It's not limited to your clitoris, any sensitive area, or use it to flirt with your partner during foreplay!

Designed in the shape of a beautiful rose, this clitoral suction cup can be carried anywhere or as a table decoration. No one will realize that it is actually an adult sex toy!


1.Sucking Rose Toys and Tongue-licking Rose Toys

Women Trendy Sex Toys - Rose Toys Give You Orgasms

Generally speaking, there are two basic styles of rose toys - sucking rose toys and tongue-licking rose toys. Sucking toys are the most common, which turn a rosebud into a sucking orifice or a vibrating tongue. With the push of a button, the rose will suck and vibrate, which is a powerful feature that will bring you to orgasm.

2.Sucking and Tongue-licking 2-in-1 Rose Toy and Sucking and Vibrator 2-in-1 Rose Toy

Women Trendy Sex Toys - Rose Toys Give You Orgasms

As the sex toy industry grows, rose toy has even more new features. At this time, the 2-in-1 rose toy of sucking and tongue-licking and 2-in-1 rose toy of sucking and vibrating stick appeared. Compared with ordinary toys, the 2-in-1 rose toy of sucking and vibrating rod adds a small vibrating rod as stem of rose. It's nice to have vaginal pleasure while you're enjoying clitoral stimulation. They have many functions, which can satisfy your expectations and fantasies about female toys to the greatest extent.


Being fully waterproof and bath friendly, the Propinkup Rose can be washed in warm water and your standard antibacterial wash.

Additionally, as above, the petals (aka clitoral nozzle) can be removed, meaning you can pop this off to clean under the suction attachment.


My answer would be: of course. If you like clitoral stimulation very much, then the rose toy will be your best choice. Whether you choose it depends on your sexual tastes. But its near-viral hype on social media platforms doesn't live up to what you'd expect from a sucker and a beautiful vibrator. Sometimes people have the mentality of longing for a better life: this is my impression of Propinkup rose toys.

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