• APP Control Butt Plug-Sensory Stimulation Tool

    What is APP control anal plug? With the development of the sex toy industry, the functions of sex toys have also been expanded. Anal plugs are a popular product of sex toys, and their functions are constantly being developed.The traditional anal plug is no longer a vibrating 'stick', it also derives multiple points of vibration (such as P point, G point), and some are...
  • How To Use Inflatable Butt Plugs - Beginners Guidlines

    How To Use Inflatable Butt Plugs - Beginners Guidlines
    What is inflatable butt plug It's exactly what you think - it's a butt plug that grows in your ass. Inflatable anal plugs are a new type to the market, but you probably already know what they look like. The toy itself is so small until you inflate it, you won't have any issues putting it in your butt. However, there is a tube connected to...
  • Penis Pump For Erectile Dysfunction

    What is erectile dysfunction? Erectile dysfunction is the inability to get and keep an erection firm enough for sex.Having erection problems now and then doesn't have to be cause for concern. However, if erectile dysfunction is an ongoing problem, it can lead to stress, affect your self-confidence and lead to relationship problems. Problems getting or keeping an erection can also be a sign of...
  • Penis Ring Improve Your Erections - How to Use Cock Ring

    Penis Ring Improve Your Erections - How to Use Cock Ring
    What are penis rings? Penis rings, pleasure rings, C-rings, cock rings... whatever you call these devices, they are the unsung heroes of sex orgasms. A penis ring is a ring-shaped sex toy that wraps around a penis or dildo to squeeze the penis or penis and testicles. Knowing this can motivate a very valid question: why would anyone want that? For some, this limitation can be...
  • Steps to Choosing a Proper Masturbation Cup

    In this article, we are here to discuss the selection of diffenent styles of masturbation cup, especially for tbe beginners. If you are still hesitating about how to start the journey, you come to the right place.   About Masturbation Do you have enough time to get to know yourself more intimately? With no social plans, no hookups, no dates, suddenly we have endless empty...
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