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How To Use Inflatable Anal Plug - Beginners Guidlines

by Eliza HS 27 Mar 2023 0 comments
How To Use Inflatable Anal Plug - Beginners Guidlines

What is an inflatable anal plug

It's exactly what you think - it's an anal plug that grows in your ass.

Inflatable anal plugs are a new type to the market, but you probably already know what they look like. The toy itself is so small until you inflate it, you won't have any issues putting it in your butt. However, there is a tube connected to the pump on it! You can use this pump to push air into the plug and expand it. Yes - this sex toy allows you to determine its size and inflate it until you are satisfied with the sensation. If you overdo it, you can always use the valve on the tube to relieve the pressure and let the air out. The best thing about these expandable butt plugs is that they are easy to use. They're great for people who like big toys but are hard to insert.

The inflatable butt plugs are versatile and can replace an anal training tool or any other butt plug toll. And it's easy to use and you can control the product well by yourself.

As an inflatable butt plug, it is different from other butt plug products, and it is more suitable for beginners. It is smaller outside the body and easier to enter your anus. But functionally, an inflatable butt plug can offer much more. In addition to the ordinary vibration function, it can also inflate the butt plug electrically or manually, which can better expand and stimulate your P point in your body. Toys won't go beyond what you decide, so it's perfectly safe to give it a try. You can start slowly and see how you like it, we can guarantee you will!

Choosing the Right Size

It's crucial to start with a small size when using an inflatable butt plug for the first time. Begin with the smallest insertable size and gradually increase the inflation as you become more comfortable. This will help prevent any discomfort or injury.

Using Lubrication

Before inserting the inflatable butt plug, make sure to use a generous amount of water-based lubricant. This will help reduce friction and make the experience more comfortable. Reapply lubricant as needed during use.

Insertion and Inflation

Insert the deflated plug slowly and gently, allowing your body to adjust to the sensation. Once inserted, use the pump to gradually inflate the plug to your desired size. Stop inflating if you experience any pain or discomfort.

Safe Practices

Always remember to use a toy-safe cleaner to clean your inflatable butt plug before and after each use. Additionally, never force the plug into your body or overinflate it, as this can cause injury. Listen to your body and communicate with your partner if using the plug during partner play.

By following these beginner's guidelines, you can safely and confidently explore the world of inflatable butt plugs. Remember to take your time, communicate openly, and prioritize your comfort and safety above all else.

Inflatable anal plug types

As with other types of toys, you can choose its shape. Naturally, you determine the size of the toy with the pump, so you don't need to worry about that part. Most commonly, the toy is shaped like a regular butt plug. Another type that you can try that has recently appeared on the market is a vibrating butt plug that can be inflated. Unlike other types, there is an extra vibrator inside that allows you to experience greater sensation in the rectum. Since these toys are even bigger than big butt plugs, you can be sure they'll feel incredible with the accompanying vibrations. All of these types have one purpose - to make your butt fuller. Inflatable butt plugs are roughly divided into two types, one is manual inflatable butt plug and the other is automatic inflatable butt plug.

Manual inflation anal plug

Most manually inflatable butt plugs have a valve inserted into the inflation port and the plug is inflated by squeezing. You can adjust the size of the inflatable ball in due time by controlling the inflation valve and the strength of squeezing. You can deflate quickly by turning the valve counterclockwise.

This is a manual inflatable butt plug from Propinkup: U-ESPE Silicone Inflatable Butt Plug For Couple & Beginners

The butt plug is made of liquid silicone. Safe for skin, long life, smooth surface, flexible with pressure expansion, provide you special anal stimulation. For couples, the inflatable butt plug enhances the pleasure of intimacy, couples can experience a new level of sensual bliss. Enjoy the feeling of full and plump anal! Anal sex toy is 100% waterproof, you can enjoy the freedom of using it anywhere!

I know you may consider to grab a more advanced toy, here you may find what you are thinking about:


Expand Inflatable Anal Plug 10 Vibration Modes G spot Stimulator Prostate Massager

Automatical inflation anal plug

Compared with manual inflatable anal plugs, electric inflatable anal plugs are more intelligent. It is not just an inflatable tool, multiple frequency vibrations also give you different stimulation experiences.

Here is the electric inflatable anal plug from Propinkup: Prostate Massager 10 Frequency Vibration Automatic Air Pump Inflatable Butt Plug

Simply long press the "Pump" bottom and it will pump the air in and you may feel it expanding automatically. After use, long press the "Release" bottom, it will shrink and you could get it out easily without uncomfortable feeling.

Best Practice:

Typically, an inflatable butt plug will be connected by tubing to an air pump that you can squeeze by hand, or an electronic interface that automatically does it for you. Some butt plugs are controlled by wireless remote. If you need to assemble the plug when you get it, make sure both ends of the tube are connected firmly so that air doesn't escape and ruin your hum midway.

Insert the fully deflated plug as far into the body as you can (with the help of some water-based lubricant) and you can begin to inflate the toy little by little. When the toy is filled with air, it expands, pressing more and more firmly on the erogenous zones around it, such as the prostate and anus. These toys can grow surprisingly large inside you, but you don't need to blow it up that big -- don't be a hero.

You can control the precise pressure on the prostate or comfort zone by inflating or deflating the toy at any time. These plugs can also be incorporated into masturbation or partner sex for extra fun.

Inflation Anal plug Summary

As with any other type of anal play, be sure to use the proper lube to ensure you have a good time. With the right approach and knowledge, anal sex can drive you crazy. Using the right anal plug will give you hours of fun if you know how to use it properly.

If you are a beginner, you don't need to be afraid of this toy. It is very easy and safe to use. It operates just like any other butt plug except you can make it bigger. That way, you don't need a whole set of anal plugs, because you have one that deforms. This article is your one-stop destination for everything you should know about inflatable anal plugs. 

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