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How to Use Anal Toys - Tips for a Prostate Orgasm

by Eliza HS 07 Feb 2023 0 comments
How to Use Anal Toys - Tips for a Prostate Orgasm

What is the prostate

The prostate (commonly called the P-spot) is a small muscular gland that produces the semen in ejaculate. It helps to drain semen from the penis. It's also surrounded by nerve endings that feel amazing when touched just right.

Do you think anal sex is nothing more than penetration of the anus with a penis? No. there are more! While penis-in-anus is indeed anal sex, fingers, sex toys, or tongues in the anus also count.

 Anal sex is still taboo, even though it is an increasingly popular sexual activity. As more and more people explore this type of sexual activity, it's important to understand the risks, rewards, and appropriate strategies. 

Where exactly is the prostate

The prostate is located about two inches inside the rectum, between the rectum and the penis.

How prostate stimulation feels depends on whether you feel it from the outside or from the inside. Being aroused makes it swell, so the more aroused you are before you poke around, the easier it is to feel.

The perineum is more rigid near the front of the bulb, which is the inner end of the shaft. The back feels softer and fuller. This is your target area. You may not be able to actually feel the gland, but touching it may cause the need to urinate. This is the sign that you have arrived at your destination!

How to get started

Whether you're flying alone or with a partner, a little preparation can help you have a great experience. You can also use some toys to help you have more fun.

For male users, anal plugs are a great way to stimulate the prostate and give you pleasure. For women, anal plugs increase pressure on the vaginal walls, which can enhance pleasure and create a feeling of "fullness" without the embarrassment or pain of a second penis.

You'll want to be as relaxed and excited as possible before you start, as this will make the experience easier and more enjoyable. Like the vagina, the anus has a muscle that must relax for comfortable insertion. The sphincter needs to relax to make anal play enjoyable and prevent tearing. Being fully aroused is a good start. You can also take a warm bath or soak first to help relax tense muscles.

In the meantime, be sure to set the mood so you're open and ready for action. Lighting candles, watching porn, or having some good old fashioned masturbation or foreplay does the trick.

The top things to consider before selecting an anal toy

Unlike the vagina, the anus lacks lubrication. When choosing an anal lube, a silicone lube with a thicker consistency is preferred. The anus is very different from the vagina because it doesn't lubricate itself. For safety and comfort, you must be prepared to apply a generous amount of lube.

If you plan to engage in prolonged anal play, such as with a remote plug, you'll have to top up your lube regularly, just like you would top up your gas tank on a long road trip. Lubrication not only helps enhance your sexual experience, it also makes sex safer. This is because it reduces the chance of injury, reduces the likelihood of anal tears, and ultimately prevents pain.

If you prefer silicone plugs, make sure to use them with a water-based lube. Silicone lube is not the best choice for silicone butt plugs due to adverse reactions. So avoid pairing them together at all costs.

As with any new activity, whether it's the great outdoors or the intimacy of your time in the comfort of your own home, you don't need to run nine yards on the first try. It makes sense to start slowly (when inserting the plug) and take your time getting used to it. Don't be in a hurry. You have time, don't you?

Anal plugs to try

You should stick to non-porous toys – materials that don’t allow fungus, bacteria, diseases etc. to hide in tiny microscopic nooks and crannies. These include:  glass, ABS plastic, silicone, medical grade stainless steel... The advantage of silica gel is that the material is purer, safer and easier to clean. It can also withstand high temperature sterilization, and the stability of the material itself is stronger. Silicone stands out among the many anal plug materials because of these advantages. Here are some good butt plugs from Propinkup that I recommend:

Lastest Update 2024 : 

New arrivals for someone new to this area, starting from easy steps. 



It's quite fun and painless for beginers. It makes you could adjust the size easily so it would perfect matches what you need. Even if you would like to try a larger size, it continues to meet your demands.

Skilled players who would like to try something new.


Mason-APP/Controller & 9-Telescopic /Vibration & Cock Rings Prostate Massager

It has 9 levels of expansion vibration for you to switch at will, and the penis ring with gear bumps will also vibrate at the same time, allowing you to congest and expand while continuously hitting the P point. Repeat several times to reach orgasm, and the penis will become congested and enlarged for a long time Nor will you be weak!

APP control include:

(1)music mode:massager will vibrate with the rhythm and amplitude of the mobile phone;

(2)Interactive mode:messages, voice, pictures, real-time video, break the distance.

Propinkup Multifunctional Vibrating Prostate Anal Plug With Remote Control

The little ball inside is massaging up and down with continuous vibrations, the prostate orgasm may come at the expected time!

And the cute tentacles clamp your balls, and the small balls in the middle keep hitting your raphe of the scrotum. You have never tasted this kind of pleasure!



U-ESPE Silicone Inflatable Butt Plug For Couple & Beginners

The inflated butt plug is a necessary sex toy for anal development. Built-in Linked Silicone Balls make it easy to insert, also allowing you to apply targeted pressure with your movements. Just press the pump to inflate and the inflatable butt plug will swell. You can quickly deflate by turning the valve counterclockwise.




Like the vagina, the anus has germs for the guy in the back: If you don't clean up after playing, bacteria living in and around the anus can easily spread to areas you don't want to. This includes genitals, your mouth, your get the idea.

To prevent transmission, wash anything that came into contact with the anus thoroughly after you're done or before engaging in another activity. This includes your hands, genitals and sex toys.

If using a condom, put on a new one before switching to vaginal or oral sex. Bacteria from the anus entering the urethra can cause a UTI. This applies to penises, fingers or anal toys.

Regarding toys, wash toys with soap and water and dry them thoroughly before and after use. If sharing with others, put a condom on the toy to keep it clean.


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